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Software Testing Training in kochi kerala

Software Testing Training Center provides Software Testingas computers and software are used in critical applications, the outcome of a bug can be severe. Bugs can cause huge losses. Bugs in critical systems have caused airplane crashes, allowed space shuttle missions to go awry, halted trading on the stock market, and could cause even worse effects.
The role of the Professional Tester / Software Testing will now become more interesting and more essential. And so will Testing and Quality Assurance, which will become more important and add more value as we move into architectures and technologies which support the business in their goals of bringing products and services to the market as rapidly as possible, with minimal risk. We will see a shift towards testing the transformed business operation, the business processes, the way people interact with the systems and processes and the information it provides, and therefore mitigating the risks and increasing the benefits of business change.


Software Testing is a serious business
  • Outsourced Testing Service Market is booming, in turn creating huge job opportunities in software testing
  • Many new software product companies are setting testing labs in India
  • The challenge these companies face is finding the right talent
  • Companies expect youngsters to have a reasonable understanding of the technology, in addition to good knowledge of testing techniques/process/tools and also expect them to be productive from day one!
"According to industry reports, "The software testing arena in India is estimated to require more than 16,000-18,000 professionals within the next one year" 
Importance of Software Testing
  • Testing is a critical component of Software Development Life Cycle. This runs parallel with development activity to ensure that the product released is of highest quality
  • Customers demand "quality"; hence companies realize that investing in testing services today is better rather than risking business failure tomorrow
  • Software non-performance and failures are expensive to fix once they are released into the market
  • The size of software products today is millions of lines of code. The increasing complexity along with decreasing average market life expectancy of many software products has heightened concerns over software quality
Need for Professional Training
  • Professional training is required to start a career in software testing. Training on the concepts of testing on different hardware configurations, processes, using testing tools and other test enablers, working with test management software, defect tracking tools, is required before working on a live testing project
  • As a rough rule, software testers ideally should possess - an analytical, logical frame of mind, a good eye for detail, the ability to learn quickly, the ability to work to tight deadlines, good communication skills, and good interpersonal skills
  • Software testing is not an ad-hoc process! There is science and engineering behind testing techniques
Manual Testing

Introduction to software testing

Difference between Manual and Automated Testing

Process and types

Software Development Life Cycle stages

SDLC Models

♦  Waterfall
♦  Spiral
♦  V Model
♦  Agile Model

Types of Testing

Levels of Testing

Software Testing Life Cycle

♦  Requirement Analysis
♦  Test Planning
♦  Test Case Preparation
♦  Test Case Execution
♦  Test Log Preparation
♦  Defect Tracking

Quality Assurance versus Quality Control

♦  Cost of Quality
♦  Software quality Factors

Definitions and term used in quality

Whitebox -Testing Techniques

Blackbox -Testing Techniques

Bug Life Cycle

Automation Testing

Selenium Introduction

Introduction to Selenium and its Components

Selenium IDE

♦  Introduction
♦  Advancements with new IDE
♦  Installing the IDE
♦  Opening the IDE
♦  IDE Features
♦  Building test cases
♦  Running test cases

Working Principle

Selenium Commands - selenese

Creating and Running Tests

Creating and Running Test Suite

Assertion or Verification

♦  Forms of assertion

Control flow statements in IDE

Locators in Selenium IDE

Executing Selenium- IDE tests on different browsers

Limitations of Selenium- IDE

Selenium WebDriver (C#)

♦  Set Up Selenium with Visual Studio
♦  Download and Install Visual Studio
♦  Set Up Selenium with Visual Studio in C#
♦  Introduction
♦  Architecture of selenium webdriver
♦  Creating your First script in webdriver

WebDriver Commands

♦  Browser Commands
♦  WebElement commands
♦  Dropdown Commands

Selenium WebDriver (Java)

♦  Introduction
♦  Installing Java
♦  Installing Eclipse
♦  First Eclipse Project

Selenium WebDriver Commands

♦  Browser Commands
♦  Navigation commands
♦  WebElement Commands


♦  Introduction
♦  Testing Process
♦  Creating Test

Types of Recording

QTP Windows and View

Object respiratory

Understanding synchronization

Using Checkpoints


Regular Expressions

If and else if

VB Script

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