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ASP.NET Training center providing Full Stack Dot Net Developer Training is a web application & development technology commercialized by Microsoft that programmers can use to build dynamic websites, web applications & web services. ASP.Net benefits over other script - based - technologies (including Classic ASP) by compiling the server side code to one or more DLL files on web server. Writing dynamic, high-performance Web Applications has never been easier. ASP.NET combines unprecedented developer productivity with performance, reliability and deployment. Microsoft .NET / DOT NET is a platform built on top of the operating system. .NET provides a programming platform for developers to build and deploy web application and standard (non-browser) applications. The two main components of the DOT NET Framework are the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework class library:



    Level I – Browser Programming

    HTML 5
    » HTML Basic Tags
    » Working with Table, List, Div
    » HTML Form Elements

    » CSS Basic Syntax
    » Types of CSS
    » Learn how to use Selectors
    » Working with CSS properties

    » Introduction and overview of Bootstrap CSS
    » Bootstrap Grid System
    » Bootstrap Tables, Forms, Controls
    » Responsive Web design using Bootstrap
    » Implementing animations

    » Introduction to JavaScript
    » Create and Manipulate Variables
    » Implement Functions
    » Learn how to use JavaScript Events
    » Developing popup boxes

    » Introduction to JQuery
    » Implement JQuery in Web Application
    » Implement Functions
    » Working with JQuery Events

    Level II – Database Programming

    Sql Server 2014
    » Downloading, Installing and configuring Sql Server
    » Introduction to Sql Server
    » SQL | DDL, DML, DCL and TCL Commands
    » Create Database and tables

    Sql Commands
    » DDL
    » DML
    » DCL

    SQL Constraints
    » SQL Unique Key
    » SQL Primary Key
    » SQL Foreign Key
    » SQL Not Null
    » SQL Null

    Sql Special Operations
    » Aggregate Functions
    » Join
    » Creating Stored Procedures
    » Backup and Restoring a database

    Level III – Server Programming

    C# Programming
    » Learn how to use C# Data Types and Variables
    » Working with Operators
    » Creating Conditional and Looping Constructs

    C# Advanced Features
    » Working with Arrays
    » Implementing Methods and Parameters
    » How to use Named and Optional Parameters
    » Control statements and arrays
    » How to implement and use Function in C#
    » Learn how to implement Object Oriented Programming features in C#
    » Creating Collections and Generics
    » Learn about Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
    » Var keyword, Lambda Expressions

    » Learn about Data Binding
    » Create Database Applications using
    i. SqlDataReader
    ii. SqlDataAdapter
    iii. DataSet
    iv. DataTable

    ASP.NET Web Application Development
    » Understand Web Application Fundamentals and Architecture
    » Creating Standard Web Controls and Events
    » Working with Navigation Controls
    » Working with Rich Server Controls
    » Working with Validation controls

    Data Controls
    » Wizard
    » MultiView
    » GridView
    » FormView
    » ListView
    » DetailsView
    » Repeater
    » DataList
    » DataPager controls
    » Manage and control GridView layout on a Webform

    State Management:
    » Create and Manage HiddenField
    » Implementing View State
    » Create and manipulate Query Strings
    » Managing Cookies, and Session

    Customizing Web Applications
    » Master Pages and Content Pages
    » Content Placeholder
    » Using Templates in MasterPage

    Authentication and Authorization
    » Explain about Authentication and Authorization
    » Role Based Login

    » Describe Protocols for Email
    » Learn how to Send Mail using ASP.NET

    Encryption And Decryption
    » Encryption of data using RSA Algorithm
    Windows Form Application
    Windows Presentation Foundation

    ASP.NET Ajax
    » Learn about Ajax Technology
    » Using Script Manager and Update Panel
    » Working with Ajax Controls
    » Learn how to use Ajax Control Toolkit
    » Implementing Ajax Extenders

    » WCF Essentials, Address, Binding and Contract
    » WCF Services and Clients
    » WCF Test Host and Test Client

    Crystal Report
    » Create Crystal Report in Web Application

    Level IV. MVC

    Introduction to MVC
    » MVC Pattern
    » Configuring an MVC Application
    » Creating Controller, View and Model
    » Data Validation Model
    » Introduction to Entity Framework.
    » Action Method
    » Action Parameter

    » Calling action methods through the browser
    » Action Link
    » URL Routing
    » Returning from action methods
    » Parameters in URL
    » LINQ
    » LAMDA

    Views (Razor)
    » Introduction to Views (Razor)
    » ActionResult
    » Returning a view
    » Creating a Simple Razor View
    » Intermingling Code and Markup in Razor Views
    » View Bag / View Data / Temp Data
    » Understanding Index, Details, Create, Edit, Delete action methods and views

    » Configuring connection string
    » Scaffolding
    » Entity Framework as Model
    » Code First approach
    » Database First approach
    » ADO.Net Entity Data Model
    » Model Binding

    Introduction To SQL Server
    » SQL Statement
    » Stored Procedure

    HTML Helpers
    » Introduction to HTML helpers
    » DisplayNameFor( ), DisplayFor( ), BeginForm( ), LabelFor( ), EditorFor( ), ValidationMessageFor(), RadioButtonFor( ), DropDownListFor( ), CheckBoxFor( )
    » AntiForgeryToken()

    Action Filters
    » Introduction to action filters
    » [HttpPost], [HttpGet]
    » [ValidateAntiForgeryToken]
    » [ActionName]

    Authentication and Authorization
    » Explain about Authentication and Authorization
    » Role Based Login

    » Introduction to LayoutViews
    » Creating custom layout views
    » cshtml LayoutPage(Razor)
    » RenderSection( )
    » Overriding the _ViewStart.cshtml
    » Partial Views
    » RenderPartial()

    JQuery With MVC
    » Introduction to jQuery in MVC
    » Need of jQuery in MVC

    Web API
    » Introduction to Web
    » Creating API controller
    » API configuration
    » Calling Web API through browser URLs.

    Angular JS
    » Introduction to Angular JS
    » Angular Directives and Expression
    » Working with Angular JS in Razor Views

    Bundles and Packages
    » Introduction to Bundles and packages
    » Understanding BundleConfig.cs
    » Importing a ScriptBundle and StyleBundle
    » NuGet Package Manager

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