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Digital Marketing Course in Kochi, Kerala.

INET-INFOTECH welcomes you to have a glance at The Best Digital Marketing Course in Kochi, Kerala.

Learn Digital is the promotion of a brand or its service/ products by leveraging online marketing tactics such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing, Social media marketing, email marketing, and so on. Digital Marketing is designed to meet your potential customers. Through smart audience targeting methods, you're able to reach a wider audience, improve brand awareness, achieve customer engagement, etc. As the global business is turning digital it is obvious that all the marketing campaigns will be employed using digital platforms. As it is more efficient and can reach millions in a short period and audience targeting makes this marketing method unique. By completing INETINFOTECH's Digital Marketing Course in Kochi, Kerala, you could be a Social Media Marketing Manager, an SEO Analyst. Or you could specialize in advertising and become a Google Ads or Social Media Advertisement Expert. The opportunities are limitless. Our 100% placement is something to be taken into account.


Let's see what our Digital Marketing Course in Kochi, Kerala offers you.
Introduction to digital marketing


♦ Internet and search engine basics
♦ Internet Marketing
♦ Importance of internet Marketing
♦ Importance of Search Engines
♦ Business Analysis
♦ Introduction to Keyword Research
♦ Keywords Research and Analysis
♦ Preparing a keyword list for project


♦ Basics of website designing/Development
♦ Website hosting with custom domain
♦ Shema(HTML)
♦ Difference between Dynamic and Static sites
♦ Google Webmaster Tools
♦ Type of links

On-Page Optimization(Onsite)

♦ Html basics for SEO
♦ Html attributes
♦ Html image tag
♦ Heading tags
♦ Importance of domain names
♦ Domain selection
♦ Filename optimization


♦ Meta title
♦ Meta description
♦ Meta robots
♦ Meta Tags Optimization
♦ Url optimization
♦ Content optimization
♦ Image optimization
♦ Image tag optimization
♦ Robots.txt
♦ Robots.txt creation
♦ Xml sitemap
♦ Sitemap creation
♦ Redirection
♦ Responsiveness
♦ Canonical tag
♦ Speed optimization
♦ W3c validation
♦ Hreflang
♦ Metrics for a good page evaluation
♦ Analytics
♦ Account creation Analytics
♦ Google my business
♦ Google algorithms
♦ Og tag
♦ Twitter cards
♦ Site audit

Off Page Optimization

♦ Social bookmarking
♦ Blog submission
♦ Pdf,ppt,image submission
♦ Directory submission

Reports and management

♦ Introduction to google analytics
♦ Site audit report

Social Media marketing

♦ Deploy an AD
♦ Create business posts
♦ Create offer Posts
♦ Instagram profile optimization
♦ Instagram marketing
♦ Introduction to youtube
♦ Video optimization
♦ Twitter introduction


♦ Introduction to Google ads
♦ Youtube ads
♦ App ads

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