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AWS Syllabus

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. In aggregate, these cloud computing web services provide a set of primitive abstract technical infrastructure and distributed computing building blocks and tools. One of these services is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, which allows users to have at their disposal a virtual cluster of computers, available all the time, through the Internet. AWS's version of virtual computers emulate most of the attributes of a real computer, including hardware central processing units (CPUs) and graphics processing units (GPUs) for processing; local/RAM memory; hard-disk/SSD storage; a choice of operating systems; networking; and pre-loaded application software such as web servers, databases, and customer relationship management (CRM).

The AWS technology is implemented at server farms throughout the world, and maintained by the Amazon subsidiary. Fees are based on a combination of usage (known as a "Pay-as-you go" model), the hardware/OS/software/networking features chosen by the subscriber, required availability, redundancy, security, and service options. Subscribers can pay for a single virtual AWS computer, a dedicated physical computer, or clusters of either. As part of the subscription agreement,[5] Amazon provides security for subscribers' system. AWS operates from many global geographical regions including 6 in North America.

AWS Certifications

  • Foundational Level Certification
  • Associate Level Certifications
  • Proffessional Level Certification

  • Exam Format
  • Multiple -Choice One correct and 3 incorrect answers
  • . Multiple-Response Two or more correct response Validity - 3 Years Salary - Avg $130 - 728

  • 1. Founatioal Level
    ASW Certification Cloud Practitioner(ACCP)
    Unerstan the overview of network,security,an cloud pricing services provie by AWS Exam Name - AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification (AP) Exam duration - 90 Minutes
    No.of Questions - 65-68
    Exam Fee - $100
    Validity - 3 Years
    Exam Code - CLF-COI
    Eligibility - None
    Exam Language - English , Japanese

    2. Associate Level
    AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate(ASAA)
    This is one of the most emane certification in the inustry.
    Exam Name -ASW Certified Solutions Architect Associate
    Exam duration -130 minutes
    No.of Questions - 60 - 70
    Exam Fee - $150
    Validity - 3year
    Exam code - SAA - coi
    Eligibility - None
    Exam language - English

    3.Proffessional Level

    Professional Level Designing distributed system and applications
    Exam Name - AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional
    Exam duration - 170 minutes
    No.of Questions - 80
    Exam Fee - $300
    Validity - 3 Years
    Exam Code - SAP-COI
    Eligibility - None
    Exam Language - English, Korean

    AWS Training modules

    Introduction to linux and windows

  • Basic commands in RHEL
  • Linux Directory Structure
  • Control access to files with linux file system permissions
  • Managing Default permissions
  • Special Permission
  • Controlling access to files with ACL
  • Network configuration ( private & public ip)
  • Configuring and accessing ssh service
  • Fundamentals of cloud computing

  • Introduction to cloud computing (adv & disad)
  • Amazon web service – Basic Architecture
  • Aws certifications
  • Aws Account & console Management

    Aws Account Creation Signing up for aws Management aws console

    Compute Services

    Elastic cloud compute Service
  • Introduction to ec2 instance
  • Launching our first instance
  • Building an EC2 Windows instance & linux instance
  • Accessing and Configuring
  • Accessing instance from linux platform
  • Accessing instance from windows platform
  • Lambda Auto Scaling

    Security Service

    Identity and access Management (IAM)
  • Creation of user accounts
  • Setting up MFA on root Account
  • IAM (user , Group , Roles)
  • Storage Services:

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3)
  • • Creating and Deleting Buckets • Adding Objects to Bukets • Permissions of s3 & access conrol
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud( EC2)
  • Elastic Block Storage (ELB)
  • Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)

  • Intro ELB
  • Types of Load balancers
  • Configuring Application Load Balancer
  • Network Load Balancer
  • Networking Service:

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • ROUTE 53
  • CloudFront
  • Database Service:

  • RedShift
  • Relational database service
  • Application Service

  • Apache in EC2
  • Static Website Hosting

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