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Python Courses in Kochi, Kerala

I-NET infotech is the most trusted Python Training Institute in Kochi, Kerala. Our Python programming courses in Kochi, are custom tailored programs to offer you infinite career growth and lofty salaries and adapt you to the most challenging job requirements. Apart from making your CV stand out, our courses will equip you with aggressive employability required by the modern job market.

I-NET infotech’s Python Training in Kochi is very beginner-friendly. Python is a fully-functional programming language that can do anything almost any other language can do, at comparable speeds. Python is capable of threading and GPU processing just like any other language. Most of the data processing modules are actually just Python wrappers around C/C++ code. Thus, Python can be used to make games, do data analysis, control robots and hardware, create GUIs, or even to create websites. Django, Flask, Rest framework are used in Python


Python Framework : Django, Flask, Rest

Python Training modules

♦ Introduction to python
♦ Basic output generation, python modules
♦ Python Basic Syntax & Variable Types
♦ Python Overview
♦ Basic Operators Decision Making
♦ Python Loops
♦ Python Numbers
♦ Python Strings
♦ Python Strings
♦ Python Lists List Functions & Methods
♦ Python Tuples
♦ Tuple Functions
♦ Python Dictionary Dictionary Functions & Methods
♦ Python Functions
♦ Python Modules
♦ Packages in Python
♦ Directories in Python
♦ Files I/O
♦ Object Oriented Concepts
♦ Regular Expressions
♦ Regular Expression Examples

Front End Languages

♦ Html
♦ Css
♦ JavaScript
♦ jQuery

CGI Programming

♦ What is CGI?
♦ Web Browsing
♦ CGI Environment Variables
♦ Data to CGI Program

GUI Programming

​♦ Introduction To GUI
​♦ Introduction To tkinter
♦ Tkinter Installation
♦ Tkinter widgets

MySQL Database Access

♦ Introduction To MYSQL
♦ Creating Database and Table using Xampp
♦ INSERT Operation
♦ READ Operation
♦ UPDATE Operation
♦ DELETE Operation


♦  Basics, Overview, Environment
♦  App life cycle
♦  Url mapping ,Views ,templates ,models, forms,
♦  Working with database
♦  Admin control panel (Django administration)


♦  Flask-Overview ,Environment,Application
♦  Routing ,Url Building ,Templates ,HTTP methods
♦  Registration and login
♦  Cookies
♦  Sessions
♦  Flask-SQLite


♦  Introduction to REST
♦  App life cycle
♦  Settings ,URL mapping,Models,Views
♦  Serializers
♦  Testing API

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