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CCTV IP Camera Training

We are the most sought after training providers in Biometric Training and CCTV Training with the ISO Training Standards. Our faculty members have received specialized education and are proven experts in their respective areas and employ a student centered training model to extract the best out of you.
CCTV Training
CCTV servicing is one among the most lucrative area of employment all around the world. Those who have earned expert training in this field are easily placed at home and abroad drawing high salaries. The field is registering a steady and steep growth in the job market and offers vast opportunities in the self- employment sector too.
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CCTV, Closed Circuit TeleVision, is a TV system that does not broadcast TV signals to public but transmits them over to limited monitor(s). CCTV system usually utilizes CCD video cameras (to produce the video), cableorwireless transmitters/receiversor Internet (to transmit the video), and monitors(to see the video).

  • CCTV system is not only applied to the security and surveillance purpose but also to the other fields like laboratory in schools or in private companies, even to production lines in factories. As the application of CCTV system increased, the CCTV industry has developed variety of CCTV equipment like Time Lapse VCRs combiners, infrared illuminators, Pan/Tilt, etc. The most recent development is web camera server which uses the Internet for remote surveillance.
  • CCTV stands for Closed Circuit TeleVision. This simply means that cameras, recording and viewing equipment are linked to each other in such a way that the owner can see the live pictures or any subsequent recordings. CCTV technology is developing and, just like televisions, it is moving towards digitally managed and recorded systems using computer controlled software that records to a hard drive as opposed to video tapes. This means that recordings are easier to store and are quicker to review than the older analogue systems

  • CCTV Training Center:
  • CCTV Course Syllubus

  • > Introduction to CCTV
    >  Tools and spares
    > CCTV camera models and types
    >  Camera lens
    >  Lighting concepts
    >  Adapter details
    >  CCTV monitors
    >  Transmission medio (cables/wireless)
    >  CCTV camera connectivity method
    >  switcher ( customised)
    >  Switcher(customised block diagram,connectivity)
    > Switcher (customised CCTV -audio Amplifier)
    >  Switcher (Readymade)
    >  Quad-spliter
    >  Multiplexer
    >  Dvr (digital video recorder)card
    >  Dvr card installation
    >  Dvr stand installation
    >  DVR stand alone
    >  Wireless camera and RCA
    >  CCTV networking
    >  IP camera
    >  IR Cutter and camera repairing
    >  Mobile phone as a CCTV surveillance system
    >  Camera technologies and formats
    >  Lens and optics
    >  Video Baluns
    >  Converting a normal camera to an intelligent camera
    >  Converting a normal camera to RF controlled PTZ camera

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