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Syllabus:Tally, Peachtree & E.Filing

Basic Principles Accounting – Journalizing – Ledger Posting Balancing – Preparation of Trail Balance and finalization of accounts such as preparation of Trading account, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet.


Preparation of Cash Book – Subsidiary Book and Ledgers of Companies from supporting documents – Formation of Company Incorporation- mobilization of capital by the issue of shares and debentures – allotment of shares – pro-rata allotment-forfeiture and re issue of shares – accounting relating to the above- preparation of cash book- Purchase Day Book- Sales Day Book – Purchase Returns Book – Sales Returns Book – Bills Receivable Book- Bills Payable Book and Journal Proper. General Ledger – Debtors Ledger – Creditors Ledger – Finalization of Account as per Company Rules – Ratio Analysis Cash Flow Statement.



Day Book – Ledger System of Accounting

Preparation of Day Book (Conversion of Academic system to practical system) Ledger posting- Balancing-prepartion of Trail Balance- Schedules for Purchases – Sales- Sundry Debtors – Sundry Creditors and other Accounts – Valuation of Closing Stock – Prepartion of Final Accounts such as Trading Account- Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet –other necessary statements to be produced before the Tax Authorities and Management. General awareness of Value Added Tax- Input Tax- Output Tax- Set Off – Special Rebate- Purchase Tax u/s 6(2) – Turnover- Register able minimum Turnover – Refund of Tax – Registration Procedure – Preparation and Filing of VAT and other Tax Returns – Income Tax – Sales Tax- Service Tax Act and Rules.


This system of practical accounting contains accounts of large scale organization havaing different departments like purchase department, Sales department, Cash Department etc. and a group of accountants working in different departments. Prepartion of Cash Book – Purchase Day Book – Sales Day Book – Purchase Returns Book – Sales Returns Book – Bills Receivable Book – Bills Payable Book and a Journal Proper. General Ledger – Debtors Ledger Creditors Ledger Purchase Register – Sales Register – Cheque Receivable Register – Cheque Payable Register. Preparation of Schedules –Trial Balance – Computation of Stock, Depreciation – Bad Debts – Provision and Reserve for Bad Debts and Discounts etc. Preparation of Financial Accounts. Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statement – Study of Different Types of accounting errors – Errors of Omission – Commission – Principles and Clerical errors – Rectification entries for correction of errors.


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