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Basic Principles Accounting – Journalizing – Ledger Posting Balancing – Preparation of Trail Balance and finalization of accounts such as preparation of Trading account, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet.


Preparation of Cash Book – Subsidiary Book and Ledgers of Companies from supporting documents – Formation of Company Incorporation- mobilization of capital by the issue of shares and debentures – allotment of shares – pro-rata allotment-forfeiture and re issue of shares – accounting relating to the above- preparation of cash book- Purchase Day Book- Sales Day Book – Purchase Returns Book – Sales Returns Book – Bills Receivable Book- Bills Payable Book and Journal Proper. General Ledger – Debtors Ledger – Creditors Ledger – Finalization of Account as per Company Rules – Ratio Analysis Cash Flow Statement.



Day Book – Ledger System of Accounting

Preparation of Day Book (Conversion of Academic system to practical system) Ledger posting- Balancing-prepartion of Trail Balance- Schedules for Purchases – Sales- Sundry Debtors – Sundry Creditors and other Accounts – Valuation of Closing Stock – Prepartion of Final Accounts such as Trading Account- Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet –other necessary statements to be produced before the Tax Authorities and Management. General awareness of Value Added Tax- Input Tax- Output Tax- Set Off – Special Rebate- Purchase Tax u/s 6(2) – Turnover- Register able minimum Turnover – Refund of Tax – Registration Procedure – Preparation and Filing of VAT and other Tax Returns – Income Tax – Sales Tax- Service Tax Act and Rules.


This system of practical accounting contains accounts of large scale organization havaing different departments like purchase department, Sales department, Cash Department etc. and a group of accountants working in different departments. Prepartion of Cash Book – Purchase Day Book – Sales Day Book – Purchase Returns Book – Sales Returns Book – Bills Receivable Book – Bills Payable Book and a Journal Proper. General Ledger – Debtors Ledger Creditors Ledger Purchase Register – Sales Register – Cheque Receivable Register – Cheque Payable Register. Preparation of Schedules –Trial Balance – Computation of Stock, Depreciation – Bad Debts – Provision and Reserve for Bad Debts and Discounts etc. Preparation of Financial Accounts. Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statement – Study of Different Types of accounting errors – Errors of Omission – Commission – Principles and Clerical errors – Rectification entries for correction of errors.


ASP.NET | MCTS | C#net: Syllabus



.NET Framework

4.5 Framework Architecture

Common Language Runtime

Starting with Design view and Source view

Introduction to Server Side Client Side Scripting

Web Page Designing using HTML and JavaScript

Overview of IIS

Overview of Asp.net 4.5

Creating Web Forms Application Introduction To RDBMS and Database Normalization

Starting With Standard Controls Label control, Textbox Control and Button Control Check Box Control Calendar Control Radio Button Control

Creating Tables and Relationships SQL Fundamentals, Stored Procedures, Ad Rotator Control, Substitution Control, Literal Control, FileUpload Control, Listbox Control, Drop Down Control, Handling Images, Image Map Control, Image Button Control, Wizard control, Hyperlink control, Link Control, Validation Controls

Implement Client-Side validation and Server-Side Validation

Introduction To Login Controls

Anonymous Authentication and Authorization

Forms Authentication

Managing Session and Application

View State

Query Strings


Managing ,Session and Application, View State Query Strings, Cookies, Data Controls, Web Parts, Database Controls, Introduction to Connection and Disconnected Data Access Models, ADO.Net Architecture, ADO.NET Objects, Joins, Backup and Restore Process, Managing Data,

Using Crystal Reports, Themes and skins, Using Style Sheets, Master Pages and Content Pages, Building WCF Services, Building WCF Client Application

Sending Mail Managing Attachments Language Integrated Query(LINQ) Entity Framework Using DataBound Controls

WPF Application

Globalization and Localization using Calendar Control Introduction To AJAX Basic Asp.Net Ajax Controls Working with Ajax Toolkit and Extenders

Advanced JQuery Handling Jquery Ajax Events Introduction To Silverlight Using Silverlight Controls

Programming Silverlight Applications Implementing MVC Views Implementing Strongly Typed MVC Views Implementing Partial MVC Views Designing and Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web application


Introduction to web technology

Web application Web server Client and Server Scripting languages

Web Programming Concepts

• Introduction to Web Programming • Client / Server Technology • Understanding Web Server IIS

NET Platform

• Explore NET Framework 4.5

• Understand Common Language Runtime

• Understand the role of CTS and CLS

• Learn about Base Class Libraries

• Explain the Difference between Managed Code and Unmanaged Code


• .NET Framework

• The Common Language Runtime

• The Framework Class Library

• Types of Websites

• Learn how to create C# Data Type and Variable

• Learn about Data Type Conversions

• Working with Operators

• Creating Conditional and Looping Constructs

• Implementing Methods and Parameters

• Explain the Difference between Value Types and Reference Types

• Learn how to implement String Handling

Classes & Objects

• Classes and Objects • Partial Classes • Methods, Properties and Events • Constructors • Property Procedures • Enumerations • Reference vs. Value Types • Structures & Namespaces

Arrays & Collections

• Arrays • Resizing Arrays • ArrayLists & HashTables • Generic Collections

SQL 2008

• Introduction to DBMS • Difference between DBMS and RDBMS • SQL constraints • DML DDL Functions • Group by, Having • Join

Web Form-

• Web Control Class • Creating Web Forms Application • Handling Images • Navigating between Pages • Managing Server Controls • Server Control Events • Using Data Controls

Navigation Controls:-

• Tree View Control Menu • Control Site Map Path • Control Wizard Control

Validation Controls:-

• ASP.net validation controls • Configuring validation controls

ADO.NET (Working with Database)

• Overview of ADO.NET • Connection Object, • Command Object • Data Readers • Data Sets & Data Adapters • Using SQLDataSource

State Management

• Preserving State in Web Applications • Using Cookies to Preserve State • ASP.NET Session State • Application State

Master Pages & Themes

• Simple Master Page • Nested Master Page • Configuring Master Page Creating Themes • Applying Themes • Applying External Stylesheet • Working with template

Uploading Files

• Using File Upload Control • Setting the location and filename to upload • Files • Upload the Files • Restricting the type and size of the Files

Three Tier Architecture

• Application Layer • Business Logic Layer • Data Link Layer


§ Introduction to Web Programming & Introduction to Web Server Side Scripting § HTML 5 Basic Tags&Describe HTML 5


§ Introduction to JavaScript § Variables 2 § Operators § Data type conversion § Functions

Crystal Reports

• Overview to Crystal Reports • Creating Crystal Reports with wizards • Integrating with Web Applications


• Introduction to LINQ • LINQ to DataSet. • LINQ to SQL. • LINQ to XML.

Web Parts Control

• Introduction • Working with webpart controls.


• Configuration Overview & Connecting Strings • Common Configuration Settings

User Controls

• Creating User Controls • Interacting with User Controls • Loading User Controls Dynamically

Handling Emails

• Protocols for Email • Sending Mails


• Understanding AJAX Technology • How AJAX Works • AJAX Control Toolkit • Downloading and Installation • Simple example • Building a ASP.NET Page with Ajax • Using UpdatePanel Control • AJAX Server Controls • AJAX Control Toolkit Extenders


• Basics of XML • Create XML Documents • XML and Databinding • XmlDataSource Control


• Architecture of IIS 7 • Internet Information Service Manager


• Introduction to WPF • XAML Browser Application • Working with WPF Controls


• Introduction to WCF • Building WCF Service. • Building WCF Client Application.


• Introduction • ASP.NET Application with Silverlight • Using Silverlight Controls • Programming Silverlight applications • Creating Silverlight WCF Services • Silverlight animation


• Creating MVC Models • Implementing MVC Controllers • Implementing MVC Views


MS.NET Framework Introduction, Developing Console Application, Language Basics , Introduction to Object Oriented Features, Programming Object Oriented – Encapsulation , Inheritance, Interface & Polymorphism, Exception Handling , Working With Collections and Generics, Operator Overloading, Partial Class, Attributes, Reflection, Configuration, Working with Components / Assemblies , Data Streams and Files , WinForms, Data Access using ADO.NET, DataSet, Windows Services, XML, Multithreading, Debugging and Tracing, Delegates & Events

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