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VB Programming


VB Programming

This course is an introduction to computer programming using Microsoft Visual Basic 2005. This course covers the fundamentals of object oriented event driven (OOED) programming in the Microsoft Windows environment.
Introduction to Computer Programming
Machine Language
Procedure Oriented Programming
Object Oriented Programming
Event Driven Programming
Introduction to Visual Studio & Visual Basic
Solution, Project, and Forms
Properties, Methods, and Events
Online Help
Turning in an Assignment
Constants, Variables, and Data Types
Naming Conventions
Option Strict
Scoping Rules
Data Type Ranges
Arithmetic Expressions
Character String Expressions
Relational Expressions
Logical Expressions
Shorthand Expressions
Order of Operations
Conditional Statements
Select Case
Nested If Statements
Loop Statements
Pretest/Posttest Loops
Do While Loop
Do Until Loop
For Loop
Counters & Accumulators
Visual Basic .Net Controls

Check Boxes vs Radio Buttons
Labels vs Text Boxes
List Boxes vs Combo Boxes
Group Boxes
Menus & Menu Items
Control Collection
Sub Procedures & Functions
Arguments: ByVal vs ByRef
Calling a Sub Procedure
Calling a Function
Object Oriented Programming
Using Classes & Objects
Using Properties
Using Methods
Data Files & Databases

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