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In the architectural industry, 3D studio max is used to create accurate photo realistic imagery of buildings before they are built, and visually appealing living spaces as showrooms even before they become available.

3Ds Max software is a product by Autodesk , It is implemented across the Architectural , Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry to perform Architectural 3D modeling , It can perform 3D Mechanical modeling , 3D Architectural rendering , Exterior & 3D Interior walk-through and 3D Architectural fly-through .



3Ds Max Course Content And Structure

  • 3Ds max
    introduction It’s a professional 3D computer graphics program for making 3D animations models, games and images

  • Object snaps
    Ensure precise placement when creating and rearranging objects. Also set snaps to find grid lines and intersection.

  • Preference
    Set some parameters in program preferences, so there would be no errors while working.

  • Menu bar
    Contains text driven menus for all of the major features.

  • Toolbar
    Provides graphic representations of the most important and commonly used features, such as undoing, object linking, selecting, transforming, texturing, and rendering, among others.

  • Command panel
    Contains six tabbed panels (Create, Modify, Hierarchy, Motion, Display, Utilities)

  • Viewports Used mainly to view your 3D scenes through camera or perspective views.

  • Help line
    Provides a short description of the tools and how to use them.

  • Transforms
    Numeric values for each of the transforms (Move, Rotate, Scale) can be viewed or changed.

  • Navigation tools
    Tools used to navigate within viewports

  • Shading
    Wire frame
    Wireframe on shaded
    Flat eliminates
    Bounding bo

  • Quad menus
    a set of context-sensitive menus that activate at the cursor when you right-click in any viewport.

  • Transforming objects
    Selected objects can be moved, rotated, and scaled.

  • Object Snapping tools good for snapping objects to precise positions

  • Managing objects
    Objects can be organized by type, color, and name. Objects can also be hidden or frozen. This helps to organize scenes and eliminate clutter.

  • Groups
    combine objects into groups. Once grouped, objects appear as a single object in your scene.

  • Scene explorer
    It presents a comprehensive view of all the objects in a scene. Objects can be sorted, filtered, and selected from within Scene Explorer. The object filters determine the type of objects displayed, such as lights, cameras, geometry, bones, etc.

  • Copies, instance, reference
    Quickly create multiple version of one or more selected objects during a transform operation.

  • Tools for precisions
    Precise control of the scale, placement and movement of objects in scene

  • Units
    Define different measurement systems. Besides the generic unit.

  • Grids
    Include the home grid and special grid objects. Both types of grid can act as construction planes.

  • Exterior Building modeling
    Creation and modifying of building components

  • Import
    Importing model from AutoCAD and modifying
    Load objects from saved scene files into current files is merge

  • Mental ray settings

  • Light and camera
    Light setting and camera settings for building rendering

  • Render setup

  • Photoshop for 3ds max out

  • Building Interior modeling
    Creation and modifying of building components

  • V-ray

  • V-ray materials
    Material settings

  • Lighting and reflections
    HDRI Environment
    V-ray lighting

  • V-ray camera
    V-ray render setup

  • Shortcut keys

  • Packages

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